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ONLINE CLASS - 101 Introduction To Construction Estimating

Jun 25, 2018

101 Introduction to Construction Estimating is a self-paced class which is the gateway to more compl...

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ONLINE CLASS - 102 Essential Construction Math

Jun 25, 2018

This construction math self-paced class is intended to develop mathematical skills that can be appli...

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Joint venture wins tunneling contract for L.A. rail extension

Jun 21 2018

A joint venture between Tutor Perini and Frontier-Kemper Constructors won a $410 million design-build contract for tunnels th -More- 

Interstate 485 toll lanes in N.C. could be under construction by next summer

Jun 21 2018

A 17-mile extension of toll lanes on Interstate 485 in Charlotte, N.C., may be under construction by summer 2019, says the No -More-