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Construction Leadership Council

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) was established to cultivate the next generation of leaders in the construction industry and our future association leaders, both locally and nationally.

The purpose of the CLC is to act as a conduit for participants to network, exchange ideas about work and the industry, and gain continuing education, which includes both professional development and leadership skills.

Don't Miss Exciting Upcoming Events:
  • CLC Pitches & Pints, June 11th, Isotopes Park 
  • Upcoming: CLC on Tap (more information coming soon)

Activities of the CLC:
  • To be an open forum to exchange ideas
  • To be an entry vehicle into AGC to promote new member involvement
  • To foster a strong network among peers
  • To create a foundation for future development of the industry
  • To discuss the most important issues and provide feedback to AGC leadership
  • To provide leadership skills
  • To provide a mentoring program with established officers and committee members
  • To structure AGC and the construction industry for the future
  • To network with similar organizations in the industry

What do participants say about their experiences in the CLC?

"As one of the founding members of the CLC, it was a new experience for all of us. There wasn’t any one to ask what to expect, or what events has the CLC done in the past, as there were none. So I feel that the six of us had a great connection in taking this on together. CLC was a great experience for myself on a few different levels. The networking and friendships that I made there will last throughout my career and beyond, there was a sense of accomplishment in creating and promoting AGC events and the chance to be a part of something that benefits our industry was fulfilling. ACE Leadership High School was just in the planning stages during this time, so as part of CLC we were able to spend time with Tori and the teachers to help give ideas on curriculum and how it could relate to our industry. I have enjoyed watching ACE develop from the planning stages, to what they are now, graduating hundreds of students, becoming a focal point in our community  and a model school for the entire country. I feel fortunate to have been a part of CLC as it gave me the opportunity to help build a foundation for myself at AGC, while giving me the tools to make me better at my job. I have been fortunate enough to move up through AGC, participating in several committees and thanks to my start with CLC, will become the President of AGC of New Mexico in January 2017." Patrick Thomas, Summit Construction

“The CLC has served as a great way for me to interact with my peers in the industry. Together we have worked to promote construction and developed leadership skills that will be with us throughout our careers. This group truly is invested in New Mexico construction and i have had a great experience serving on the CLC over the last two years." Colby Geer, Yearout Companies

“After starting at Jaynes, my first interaction with a professional association was with AGC's Construction Leadership Council. This early interaction placed me on a professional development trajectory that has included networking, learning to make great business relationships, learning the process for strategic planning, knowledge on public policy and the navigation of state level government legislation. I am currently serving as a Board Member as chairman for ACE leadership high school. I'm grateful to AGC and the CLC for giving me these opportunities in my career to experience so much of our industry that i wouldn't normally get by just sitting behind my desk.”  Sam Hatchell, Jaynes Corporation

“The CLC was an amazing positive experience for me. I was able to bond with many of my colleagues and even competitors. We became very close during our time on the CLC while working on the original ACE leadership high school curriculum. I am still friends with those professionals today, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot." Melissa Gomez, JB Henderson Construction

“Leadership is about impact, influence and inspiration, and the CLC group provides just that, The CLC has given me the tools to succeed, not only at work, but in the business world and more importantly in our industry." Jamie Westerfield, B&D Industries

How to Get Involved
Please contact Jennifer Greenwood or call (505) 842-1462 if you are interested in becoming a member of the CLC Steering Committee.