Your involvement is essential. Your voice and action as concerned residents have a significant impact on the future of our city's air quality control. The City Council will vote on these measures TODAY, Wednesday, November 8th. The City Council is currently reviewing two proposed ordinances, O-23-88 and R-23-176, and your outreach can have a profound impact.
Express your support for O-23-88 and R-23-176, which are designed to establish transparent and effective air quality management while carefully considering the needs for economic growth in our community.
To take immediate action, please click here and message City Councilors (below are talking points to support your message:

Talking Points

Support Transparent and Inclusive Air Quality Control: Back O-23-88 and R-23-176 Today!
We're at a pivotal moment in securing transparent and effective air quality control for our city. The proposed ordinances, O-23-88 and R-23-176, are crucial steps toward achieving a balanced approach to environmental management and community growth.
O-23-88 enhances the accountability of the Joint Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board. It emphasizes compliance with state laws and introduces specific membership requirements, ensuring the board operates with integrity and expertise to make informed decisions on air pollution control.
R-23-176 reinforces the boundaries set by the Air Quality Control Act, preventing the board from exceeding its authority. This resolution safeguards the city's economic progress while prioritizing environmental protection.

Let's unite and urge our councilors to prioritize the passage of O-23-88 and R-23-176, creating a healthier, more transparent, and economically prosperous community. Together, we can make a tangible difference for our city and its residents.