2023 NASA Awards Celebration - PHOTOS

Our Member's outstanding safety record speaks for itself

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AGC NM is the first-place winner in the 2022 National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program, in the category for Chapters with 126 - 250 Members. 

The AGC Chapter Safety Awards are based on a weighted average of participation and overall incidence rate of the Chapter’s participating members, and your members have achieved a noteworthy accomplishment.
If you want to add outstanding safety accolades to your company profile, consider joining the AGC New Mexico’s Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) program, the oldest and largest cooperative partnership in the state. Contact Kelly Roepke-Orth, 505-842-1462.

CHASE Program

One of the primary safety resources offered by AGC New Mexico is the opportunity to partner with NM OSHA through the Construction Health and Safety Excellence Cooperative program, CHASE. This cooperative NM OSHA partnership offers benefits to those AGC members who qualify, in exchange for following prescribed standards in their safety programs and maintaining low incidence rates.

The CHASE program was first signed in 2001 and was the second such partnership in the country as well as the first such partnership between an AGC Chapter and an OSHA state plan.

The continuing goal of CHASE is to encourage outstanding safety performance by employers and employees alike, to decrease injuries and fatalities in the construction industry and exceed NM OSHA regulations on every job.

Interested in participating in the CHASE program? Contact Kelly Roepke-Orth, 505-842-1462.