Four part WebEd series explores industry innovation

On June 12, AGC will host the first session in its Construction Technology Innovation WebEd Series. This four-part WebEd Series is designed to keep AGC members informed and aware of the trends in innovation and technology that are playing a significant role in how contractors approach projects. The opening webinar, led by industry experts will explore “The Innovation Landscape” of Construction IT, providing an overview of the technologies and trends shaping the industry, while discussing challenges and best practices for contractors looking to stay ahead of the technology curve. Further WebEd topics in this series include: The Connected Jobsite (on June 19, 2018), Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (on July 10, 2018), and Frontier Technologies: IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and more (on July 17, 2018). If you’re interested in registering or learning more about this ground-breaking new WebEd series click here.