President’s Infrastructure Plan / AGC Action Alert

With the unveiling of the president’s $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan today, it is critical that you and other construction industry professionals let Congress know that the time for infrastructure investment is NOW.

Any plan must invest a significant sum in America’s aging and over-burdened infrastructure, streamline the federal environmental permit and review processes to help deliver needed projects faster, call for long-term solutions to funding existing federal infrastructure programs including the Highway Trust Fund, and expand workforce education, training, and development opportunities.

Contact your U.S. representative and U.S. senators right now so that they can hear YOUR voice and understand that investing in and improving our nation’s infrastructure helps America prosper.

UPDATE - 2/13/18 at 1:09pm

Please find attached for your use three AGC one-page fact sheets summarizing the infrastructure funding, environmental streamlining and workforce development portions of the Trump Infrastructure plan released yesterday. Again, you can find the complete plan linked HERE.
Many of AGC’s previous recommendations to the Administration and Congress on the various aspects of this plan can be found in our AGC Agenda to Rebuild our Infrastructure & our Craft Workforce and AGC Reforms for Improving Federal Environmental Review and Permitting.
In addition, we hope that you will please push the AGC of America action alert—linked HERE, email sent yesterday attached, and prominently available on AGC’s homepage—to members through your various communications vehicles/social media. The message is clear and simple: the time for infrastructure investment is now.
Lastly, AGC’s press statement on the infrastructure plan—and the need to address the Highway Trust Fund—was picked up by USA TODAY, among other publications.
As always, we will continue to keep you updated. And, thank you for all that you do.
UPDATE - 2/12/18 at 10:31am

Trump Administration's infrastructure plan

AGC will continue to share details.

At first blush,  there are similarities between this plan and the recommendations AGC made to and continued to push the administration on over the last 1.5 years. (See AGC Agenda to Rebuild our Infrastructure & our Craft Workforce and AGC Reforms for Improving Federal Environmental Review and Permitting). 

Jimmy Christianson
Vice President, Government Relations
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The White House intends to release the President’s new infrastructure proposal this morning, Monday, February 12th. This proposal is expected to include $200 billion in additional federal funding for infrastructure during the next ten years, reform the environmental process to significantly accelerate federal reviews and urge Congress to address chronic funding shortfalls for infrastructure, including with the federal Highway Trust Fund and airports. AGC of America will be issuing a statement today.